Stephen Howard

  • ESPN College Basketball Analyst
  • Former NBA star

Award winning speaker, author, and ESPN college basketball commentator, Stephen Howard has been presenting and speaking worldwide for the past 6 years. He has been leading, inspiring, overcoming adversity and seemingly impossible odds… his whole life. In his talks, Stephen provides the “wow” that audiences crave, while delivering the substance that event planners value. A former NBA star, Stephen Howard uses stories from his journey that took him from a small private school in Dallas, to being a collegiate Academic All American at DePaul University, to the NBA and across the globe, and presently an ESPN college basketball analyst to inspire, motivate, and challenge all who hear his story.

Media files by Stephen Howard

  • Former NBA Star: Stephen Howard
  • Being A Pro In Life: Stephen uses humorous and sometime heart wrenching stories from his childhood, as well as his days as a NBA star, to illustrate how the same fundamentals used to become a world class basketball player, can also be used to become your best.
  • Raising The Bar: In this speech, Stephen recounts stories, from his past, that illustrate the importance of constantly raising the bar in a effort to achieve your goals.
  • The Ripple Effect: In this speech Stephen breaks down the 3 important principles that he used to make him one of the top basketball players in the world. He is able to illustrate the effectiveness of these principles, as he uses them present day, to help him become one of the top college basketball commentators in the business.
  • Branding Your Way to Success: In this speech, Stephen recalls the decisions that he made in college, similar to those that fortune 500 companies make, that branded him for success in the future and beyond.
  • Got Balls?: This speech is an interactive exercise that is aimed at students from middle school to College that is a instant favorite. Stephen uses group participation with the help of various sport balls (basketball, baseball, etc etc) to show the balancing act needed for daily life with all of your activities.
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Stephen uses his life experiences gained through his 15 year basketball career of 1 year contracts to show how achieving success is at everyone’s fingertips. He effectively shows his audiences how they can use the same fundamentals he used to be a professional basketball player in the NBA to be successful in their specific career or in life. Stephen’s story telling capabilities create a bond between audiences young and old alike, enabling them to visualize the success they’ve always dreamed of but more importantly, energizing and motivating them to make those dreams a reality.

Stephen’s passion for helping people attain success stems from being raised in a household of educators. He uses humor to convey the peaks and valleys of growing up in a home where school was always in session and learning to view everything and every day as a learning experience. After just a few minutes with Stephen, you will easily recognize the energy, compassion, and humor that enabled him to live in 12 different countries while playing professional basketball in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, as well as the engaging personality that has made him a fan favorite for college basketball enthusiasts where he works as a commentator for ESPN.

If you are looking for a solid message presented in an entertaining fashion and delivered by someone who will have instant credibility with your audience, look no further. Stephen Howard is your next speaker.

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