Shamiel Gary

  • NFL Safety for the Buffalo Bills
  • Overcoming Adversity to Achieve Success
  • Passionate Community Activist & Entrepreneur

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Shamiel Gary is living his dream as a professional football player for the Buffalo Bills. The road to success wasn’t easy. Shamiel faced obstacles from every direction. It took hard work and perseverance to bring his 3rd grade dream to life.

Whether inspiring students to never give up or training corporate clients on leadership and teamwork, Shamiel's mission is to creatively inspire the world – rich or poor, old or young, marginalized or famed – to overcome life’s many adversities and realize their dreams are meant to empower others.

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  • Corporate Culture - How to Build a Winning Team: In a dynamic and interactive presentation, Shamiel discusses the differences between a winning culture and a losing culture. Pulling stories and values from his time with different teams in the NFL, Shamiel compares key attributes of winning and losing teams. Losing teams lack vision, have a culture of complaining, blame one another, and ultimately, lack leadership. Winning teams understand the power of accountability, family-style community, united vision, and having fun as a team. Your audience will walk away with a better understanding of what it takes to win in business and in life.
  • Corporate Change - Reshape Your Attitude: Water is formless, but it takes the shape of anything you put it in. When change happens in our lives, we can either adapt like water or remain stuck like ice. In his presentation, Shamiel shares insightful stories from his journey and lessons learned while playing on different NFL teams. Businesses, like athletes, face the same need to adapt in ever-changing environments. Shamiel will inspire attendees to get on the same page as their boss and team, while instilling key ideas for adapting quickly to new systems and expectations.
  • Perseverance - Don't Quit, Your Dream Is Bigger Than You!: Life has a way of taking us on a bumpy roller coaster of ups and downs. In elementary school, Shamiel was considered one of the best players on his team. In high school, he lost his starting Quarterback position and was demoted to the Junior Varsity squad. At the end of his senior in high school, his coach laughed at his dream of playing in the NFL and advised him to create a new life plan. Rather than give into the negative voices and circumstances surrounding himself, Shamiel knew he could not quit and used it as motivation. Even later in life, as tragedy hit his family, he practiced the invaluable value of perseverance. In his presentation, Shamiel will share his story in a way that inspires your students to keep on keepin' on!
  • False Confidence - Be Who YOU Really Are: Don't let fear keep you from moving forward. For the majority of his life, Shamiel used the "fake it till you make it" saying. As a naturally shy person that lacked self-confidence, he chose to become a chameleon. While this allowed him to fit in with peers, it caused him to lose himself along the way. Everything began to change his senior year of high school, when he realized his life had become an exhausting journey of trying to win the approval of others. This lifestyle brought a temporary false boost of confidence, until he didn't reach the expectations of those around him. In these moments, his confidence was shattered and his feelings became a roller coaster. By his second year in the NFL, Shamiel started believing in himself and becoming comfortable with his abilities. He stopped people pleasing and began looking at mistakes as opportunities to grow, instead of confidence shattering moments. Shamiel will inspire your students to step into their own callings and be great!
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Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Shamiel Gary is living his dream as a professional football player in the NFL. But the road to success wasn’t easy. Shamiel faced obstacles from every direction. It took hard work and perseverance to bring his 3rd grade dream to life.  

As a senior at Booker T Washington High School, Shamiel received his only football scholarship after the state championship to attend the University of Wyoming. During his freshman season, he won the 5A State Championship and earned Freshman All-American. 

At the end of his sophomore season, Shamiel transferred to Oklahoma State University to be closer to his family as his grandmother battled Alzheimer’s disease. In a single season, he went from being an All-American Safety, to spending the 2011 season on the sidelines due to NCAA transfer rules. 

In 2012, Shamiel hit the football field in full force. He started every game for the Cowboys, recording 72 tackles, 6 passes defended, 3 interceptions and 1 forced fumble. As a senior, his pace continued and the Cowboys placed 2nd in the Big 12 Conference. 

After graduation, Shamiel entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent, signing with the New England Patriots in 2014. After separating his shoulder during the 2015 NFL pre-season with the Miami Dolphins, he was released on an injury settlement and he found out his mother’s cancer returned. It was this release, this moment filled with uncertainty, that just so happened to be God’s perfect timing. If Shamiel had not injured his shoulder, he would have still been in Miami. Instead, he got to spend every day and night in the hospital with his mother until she was able to get a second surgery.

Soon after this, Shamiel returned to Miami, Florida. For the first time in his life, his mother was able to watch her son play in an NFL game. After the season ended, Shamiel found himself in the same situation as before. However this time it was at his mother’s bedside day and night in the hospice, where she spent her last days. 

Currently, Shamiel is a safety with the Buffalo Bills. He spends his off-season pouring into the next generation, reading books, and soaking up time at the bowling alley.

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