Peggy Doviak

  • Advisor for Corporate Headquaters & major brokerage/advisory firms
  • Certified Financial Planner

Peggy Doviak was a college instructor and corporate trainer before she entered finance in 2002.  She is an Associate Professor for the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado, and has taught in the corporate headquarters of Schwab, Ameriprise, Smith Barney, and other major brokerage and advisory firms.

Peggy’s Ph.D. is in education, and she is very involved in teaching adults and children about money issues.  She served on the task force for the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s “Passport to Financial Literacy,” which is Oklahoma’s financial education curriculum mandate.  In this capacity, she wrote and edited many of the lessons being taught to Oklahoma’s public school secondary students.  In addition, Peggy is frequently requested to speak regarding financial literacy topics.

Since 2003, she has been president of D.M. Wealth Management, Inc., a firm that specializes in comprehensive financial planning and fee-only portfolio management. 

  • Building Wealth: With nothing for sale, Building Wealth provides cash flow, debt management, and investment tools to help individuals gain control over their financial lives.
  • Ethics in a Shaky World: At a time when many industries and companies have lost public trust, organizations need to uphold ethical standards. Ethics in a Shaky World offers a discussion of industry-specific ethics considerations and current ethics topics.
  • Making Good Choices in Your 401(k) Plan: Many people are overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing investments in their retirement plans. Making Good Choices in Your 401(k) Plan can be individualized to an organization's retirement plan and choices or offered to a larger audience on the basics of retirement cash flow needs, asset allocation, and risk tolerance.
  • Personal Economics and the Great Recession, Strategies for Avoiding Future Pain: It is too easy to blame 2007-2008 on them,and walk away as the victim. The best way to avoid a repeat of the impact of The Great Recession on our lives is to look at the actions we can take and control. This seminar offers eight strategies that individuals can implement in their financial lives.
  • Pursuing the Rational Investor, Using the Principles of Behavioral Finance in Your Financial Planning Practice: Designed for an audience of financial professionals, Pursuing the Rational Investor contrasts the tenants of modern portfolio theory with the strategies and theories of integrated financial planning and behavioral finance.
  • Ethics & Values

Peggy Doviak believes that the financial services industry needs to embrace a high level of professionalization, focusing on comprehensive financial planning and transparent portfolio management upholding a fiduciary standard.  She is active in the Central Oklahoma Financial Planning Association, serving currently as Secretary.  She is also a member of Nazrudin, an international think tank of financial planners.  Peggy obtained her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioner certification in 2005.  Then, she decided to enhance her portfolio management skills with a Master’s in Finance, Financial Analysis major, which she obtained in August 2010.  For this degree, she completed the coursework necessary to sit for the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.  She writes a monthly e-newsletter, Money Matters, which has several hundred subscribers.  She is active in Norman Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Norman Women’s Entrepreneur Network, and serves on the board of the Women’s Resource Center.  D.M. Wealth Management, Inc. is proud to be a partner in education with All Saints Catholic School and to be active in the Second Friday art walks.

For fun, Peggy enjoys playing the piano, riding horses, and travelling abroad with her husband, Richard.  She has two cats, Smokey and Pumpkin, and a horse named Maggie.


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