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  • Oklahoma Comedian, Humorist, and Humorous Business Speaker

John Fannell, Oklahoma comedian, performs at comedy clubs and corporate events throughout the country.  Along with his appearances as a corporate headliner for Sprint, Hitachi, American Airlines and others, John has appeared with Loretta Lynn, Randy Travis and B.B. King.  His stand up act takes you from the perils of Wal-Mart shopping, to the minefield of marriage & family and the daily struggles of our American life.    When not performing strictly for laughs, John presents programs on Motivation, Humor & Health and Customer Service with a good dose of humor weaved in.  His quirky take on work, family, love and life in general is guaranteed to leave you laughing. His programs are clean, and his material varies from PG to PG-13 depending on what kind of talk is requested. 

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  • John Fannell Opening for Loretta Lynn
  • If it's straight stand up comedy your need, let John bring laughter to your event as he navigates the perils of life, love, family, current events, along with his tour of our cultural landscape. Irreverent and self deprecating, Fannell entertains and explores the weightier questions of our time. How is it my teenage daughter can simultaneously talk on her cell phone, instant message on her computer, paint her toenails and balance an algebraic equation, yet I cannot use a Q-Tip without risking a brain injury. These and other mysteries are explored here, the perfect way to liven up your event and leave your audience laughing.
  • From extreme introvert to stand up comedian, from couch potato to marathon runner, John shares his thoughts about fear, the fear of success, the fear of failure, and the fear of fear itself. From someone once too shy to talk to himself in the mirror, from one whose definition of athleticism once meant walking from the chair to the TV to change channels, John talks about resetting your sights and his three R's: Remember to Laugh, Redefine Yourself, Rediscover Your Potential.
  • THE SECRET OF YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE - Do you need more time to play computer solitaire or stand around shooting the bull about the playoffs or American Idol? Learn all the tricks and techniques companies use to drive their successful businesses into the ground. On the flip side, if you want to tap into your true potential, John shares his techniques and philosophy toward finding the customer service secret that is just the right fit for you and your business. Have fun and strengthen your customer service DNA.
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John Fannell worked 20 years in the customer service division of a Fortune 500 company. When he was not asleep at his desk, surfing the internet or redecorating his cube with shag carpet, he actually searched for ways to provide excellent service to his customers. Along the way he wrote and presented programs on customer service and good faith business practices.

On nights and weekends, he hit the comedy circuit from Minot, North Dakota to Little Rock, Arkansas to Corpus Christi, Texas (because anyone can get discovered in LA or New York - what is the challenge in that?). Eventually he worked with the biggest names in the business including Loretta Lynn, B. B. King, Randy Travis, The Righteous Brothers, Weird Al Yankovic, Rodney Carrington and Larry the Cable Guy... to name a few.

So what does one do after years of juggling two careers? Well, there were no openings for astronauts, so today John combines his experiences in his role as a funny motivational speaker. John helps companies, associations and others. He entertains you and tailors a message perfect for your event. When you leave, you will be happier, temporarily stress free, not quite as anxious to jump off a high building and much better company for your pets. What could be better than that?

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