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Need someone to turn your students into leaders? Are you looking for a keynote speaker who rallies individuals to lead a more intentional life? Do you desire someone to develop the leadership of your group? Jerrod Murr has been doing this since he was 14. Work with Murr to guide your group into a more robust, developed style of leadership.

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  • THE NEW NETWORKING, Impact. Not Contact.: What is the difference in a network and a sphere of influence? In the new global economy, relationships are the currency of choice. The way in which you do business is more relevant than any other time in human history. In this workshop, we will discuss proven strategies for making more meaningful connections with peers, how to strengthen those relationships, and how to leverage those connections for mutual gain.
  • CHAOS MANAGEMENT: Chaos is very commonly associated with a negative environment. When chaos is mentioned, it almost creates additional chaos if it is dealt with in the wrong manner. Learning how to correctly manage chaos will be the catalyst for change in your organization and on your team. Using the correct tools and education for chaos management will create positive results, and will promote a better environment for productivity.
  • FROM 8-TRACK TO EMOJI, Working with Millennials and Gen Z: Millennials are now the largest represented population in the workforce. The discussion is no longer focused on how leaders can co-exist with a millennial workforce; the conversation today has moved to outline best practices for integrating Millennial ideas and values into company culture to leverage the best of both worlds. Within, "8-track to Emoji," we will discuss key national trends of this generation that have been identified and cover practical strategies to leverage research to create an environment in which Millennials thrive. With facilitators that are definitively Millennial in age but straddle the generational gap in thought, this topic includes first hand lessons learned from building a firm that has successfully leveraged the best of both worlds to grow in size between 80 to 100 percent each year since its founding over eight years ago.
  • LAW OF PROCESS: As John Maxwell states, "leadership growth happens daily, not in a day." The old adage is still true today that if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. It is also true that the real reward lies in the journey. In an era of instant gratification and immediate outcomes, the wisdom of process is often overlooked for its lack of pizzazz. Yet, the power of systematic, consistent, and perfected processes is critical in scaling the success of any operation. Both the people and outcomes that emerge from a well-established process are stronger for it. The "Law of Process" session is a hands-on reminder of the importance of establishing, executing, and evaluating a meaningful process for any team's core operations.
  • TYPES OF COMMUNICATION: Communication is the heartbeat of leadership. When it is strong, the organization thrives. When communication is lacking, unhealthy tendencies emerge. Developing effective leadership through effective communication is our focus. If we want to lead others, we must learn how to effectively and clearly communicate with each other. It requires asking the correct questions, developing legitimate answers, and practicing intentional listening. The Paradigm Shift facilitators will go through a customized leadership development system which creates opportunities for leaders to develop their communication skills. The interactive activities during this workshop challenge the participants to work together to achieve common goals.
  • Us vs. Them, The Difference Between Great Teams and Dysfunctional Groups: A common problem faced by businesses and institutions of all sizes is the Agency Problem. When two parties stand on opposite sides of an issue, in thought, objective, incentive, and motivation, it is only a matter of time before conflicting ideals detract from overall team performance.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY WITHOUT ACCUSATION: Accountability in the work place is an easy mantra to exalt and mandate, but difficult to achieve. Specifically, people are often unsure of what is expected in the area of accountability because the expectations are cloudy. We must clarify what it means to be accountable for one's actions. We must, then, enact this principle without accusation. Accountability is paramount for values based leadership. If Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence are guiding values we must stay accountable for our actions in order to achieve those values. The "Why" is absolutely critical to implementing a culture of accountability without accusation. People must understand why they report, why are they supposed to act in certain fashions, and why they are to be held accountable.
  • THINK WIN-WIN: On the surface, "Think Win Win" seems obvious and easy to insert into our leadership style. However, "Think Win Win" is more difficult than we imagine. In fact, it is so counter cultural that it takes a concerted effort and discipline to overcome a lifestyle of thinking in other patterns. It is the courageous leader that is humble enough to think win win. It is the courageous leader that is self aware enough identify poor habits and think win win. When teams and companies get into a zero-sum mindset, individual actions become value-detracting rather than value-adding, and the results continue to spiral downward. Cultivating a culture that promotes a win-win mentality requires a clear, dedicated, and deliberate process that must be embodied by leaders and team members across the organization. "Think Win-Win" offers a starting point for professionals at all levels to adopt a collaborative mindset and further provides teams with practical tools to work towards a common good without sacrificing individual and personal development.
  • CREATING AN ENVIRONMENT WHERE PEOPLE THRIVE: In an ever-changing global environment, leaders are tasked with the challenging task of attracting and retaining the right talent for their firms. Similarly, talented individuals all over the country are looking for opportunities that will provide personal and professional development opportunities while allowing individuals to contribute to a mission that is bigger than themselves. In this environment, employees at all levels are responsible for creating a healthy and dynamic environment that promotes drive, synergy, loyalty, and achievement.
  • VISIONARY LEADERSHIP: Vision is the heartbeat and soul of every company culture. To direct the resources and investment of an entire organization towards a single vision is only possible if the vision has been clearly established and communicated. Research shows that most people have greater work satisfaction if they believe in the company or department vision, which improves engagement and value that the employees display. The "Visionary Leadership" topic brings attention to key factors of a critical leadership style and provides practical demonstrations of visionary leadership in action. The goal of the topic is to fuel the passion of the undercover visionaries and equip all leaders with tools to channel this passion to the right areas of focus.
  • ATTENTIVE LEADERSHIP: A core leadership behavior for us is: "I will pay attention to what is happening on the front line and be present and accessible for support. With a strong, vocal, and absolute disdain for micromanagement, many teams have convinced leaders to withhold attention to often important details of a team's performance. While trust is a core tenant of a successful team structure, accountability and engagement are equally required to maximize team performance. Leaders who are able to best nurture teams and realize maximum potential from their teams, as individuals and a group, are leaders who drive the greatest outcomes. "Attentive Leadership" is a focused topic on providing a safe format for supporting teams with strong principles of accountability and engagement to foster an environment of trust, learning, and care.
  • PARLAY, Personal Entrepreneurship and Taking Responsibility: Taking personal responsibility is the idea of being morally accountable for the results that stem from our own actions. Each person is responsible for their own choices, actions, responses, and ultimately, where the situations comes to an end. In leadership, identifying behaviors that are not producing the best results is extremely vital for organization productivity and team morale. Along with with taking personal responsibility, the importance of goal setting, integrity, and perseverance is vital among any employee group. Leadership comes when SMART goals are set, and when there is a process in place to achieve those results, while keeping the morale around you at peak levels.
  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE: Work-Life balance is a quest that is not often successfully completed. Distinguishing between the importance of priorities is an art that very few people have mastered. Having a healthy balance does not mean having an equal balance. Depending on your responsibilities, time spend on those responsibilities will vary drastically depending on life situations. Having a healthy balance is a lifestyle and if correctly done, the chances of burnout are minimal. Work-Life balance is less about the amount of time spent on responsibilities, and more about how you feel. Are you enjoying life? Are you happy in your relationships outside of work? Are you short tempered, or have trouble multitasking? Our goal is to help convert short term imbalances to long term balance
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Jerrod Murr is a speaker, corporate trainer, and cultural entrepreneur. He is a graduate of Northeastern State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, and a member of the Northeastern State University Hall of Fame.  Murr is the founder of The 20 Leadership Camp, a faith-based movement equipping students through personal leadership challenges.  He is also the Co-Founder of Paradigm Shift, a leadership training and development firm.

Murr speaks at multiple Human Resource conferences and corporate educational events throughout the year. He is also honored to be a member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board, as well as being appointed Partner Expert in The Forge's startup incubator, powered by the Tulsa Regional Chamber.Murr currently resides in Muskogee, OK with his wife, Jenn, and two daughters Adelae and Josalyn.  His favorite book is The Giving Tree, and he loves working on his Bucket List, the OKC Thunder, and good coffee.

Jerrod Murr, Oklahoma Leadership Developer Speaker, Oklahoma Entrepreneur


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