Gary Sheely

  • "The Illusionist with a Message" Entertains and speaks on Communication & Change
  • University Adjunct "Faculty of the Year" & Author of "Cutting Away"

Gary is a Personal Growth Professional, who helps his clients set and reach goals to build the professional and personal life they really want. Whether from the stage, conference room or one-on-one, he excels in helping people overcome their hidden fears and self-sabotaging behaviors to unleash their hidden courage. He has tremendous insight into the things that hold people back from the success and happiness they desire.

He is an author, and has combined 30 years of his experiences as a counselor, executive coach, adjunct instructor and skydiving instructor/jumpmaster to offer his seasoned insights in a book entitled, Cutting Away: Facing the Fatal Five to Survive and Thrive. His book, drawn from a skydiving metaphor, outlines how resistance to personal change sabotages our health, happiness, safety and success.

An energetic presenter in any setting, his hilarious personal stories give him the unique ability to point out inconvenient truths about yourself while you are laughing out loud. It sets the stage for real personal and professional growth.

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  • Introduction Video
  • Can You Say That With a Straight Face?
  • About Video
  • "It's More Than Just Attitude" - People who thrive during tough times...or good ones...practice 3 things that set them apart from everyone else, and attitude is just one of them.
  • "Tactical Talk: How to Correct, Redirect and Protect when Rage is in the Room" - Whether at work, at home or on the street, we sometimes have to deal with angry people. This program provides proven and powerful verbal tactics to stop escalation in its tracks and move from conflict to cooperation. It could even save your life!
  • "Breaking the Procrastination Cycle" - Procrastination costs your company $10,000 a year per employee. Unlike popular "quick fixes" and "pep talks," this program yields practical, long-lasting results that your people will take home with them.
  • Crisis or Commerce...The Trio of Traits you need to Survive and Succeed
  • Shooting Yourself in the Foot...Defeating the Diabolical Duo of Self-Sabotage
  • Learning from Really Bad Ideas!
  • Basic Skills for New Managers
  • 5 Simple Communication Disciplines that can Transform your Personal and Professional Life Overnight
  • Building Wealth and Security on Any Income
  • Entertainment & Body Language: Can You Say that With a Straight Face
  • Communicating and Connecting When The Stakes Are High (e.g. sales and management situations)
  • Counter-Intuitive Networking: Becoming interesting to other people while getting them to champion your cause & get you leads
  • Relationships and Families: Communication and Relationship Building at Home
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Gary Sheely’s diverse roles as skydiving instructor, stage illusionist, author, corporate chaplain and popular university instructor combine to provide a one-of-a-kind presentation which will entertain and challenge any audience.

One of the roles he has found most rewarding is as a certified skydiving instructor/jumpmaster. He recently combined his seasoned insights in a book entitled, “Cutting Away:  Facing the Fatal Five to Survive and Thrive.” Having spent three decades observing, challenging and overcoming his own comfort zones, denials and fears, Gary has outlined more of his personal insights in his other book, “Cutting Away: Finding Courage for Radical Life-Change,”.

As an executive coach, author and professional speaker,  Gary connects with his audiences quickly and easily. He was recognized in 2008 as Faculty of the Year for his adjunct instruction at a Tulsa university for a class entitled, “Spiritual Dimensions of Mental Health.” Gary works with organizations that want their people to recapture their new-job enthusiasm, reduce procrastination and pursue performance.  He provides the antidote for the 5 psychological poisons that cause them to avoid tasks, waste time and sabotage their own success.

Gary is a professional member of the National Speaker’s Association, and serves on the board as the Treasurer for the Oklahoma chapter

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