Arthur Greeno

  • Owner/Operator of two Chick-fil-A restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 2 Guinness World Records, the latest being a 1140 Gallon 9-ft tall sweet cup of sweet tea

Arthur Greeno is the owner/operator of two Chick-fil-A restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has accomplished 2 Guinness World Records, the latest being a 1140 Gallon 9-ft tall sweet cup of sweet tea. Arthur loves learning and teaching things like leadership, marketing, and creativity. Teaching his team and others about how we need to HONOR our guests is an integral part of his business model. 

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  • Customer Service: By far the most common question Arthur is asked is, "How do you train your people?" They often assume that we must have an incredible training program. We do have a strong program, but that's not actually the secret. The true secret is found in hiring the right people. So the first thing we do is find the right people. The next thing we do is we teach them our heart about how to treat those who come to our restaurant. We want to treat them list a true guest - not a number or a dollar sign. We know that every person has a story and we want to find out how we can be a part of it.
  • Marketing: Do you remember the old Life Cereal commercial with Mikey? If you do, it certainly shows your age. The commercial featured 2 kids who didn't know if they would like the cereal or not, They decided to get Mikey to eat it because "Mikey will eat anything." Arthur is the Mikey of Chick-fil-A because he will try anything. Amazingly, he is also slow enough that he may try it 2 or 3 times before he give it up. Sometimes its a bust, sometimes its a MAJOR bust. But sometimes its a success. Sometimes even a GREAT success. In 2008 Arthur made Ripley Believe It or Not for the world's largest handspun milkshake. I made the worlds largest lemonade in 2009. And in 2010 he set a new record for a 1140 gallon sweet tea.
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Youth and School Events

“When it comes to marketing, Arthur’s goal is to make it ‘remarkable.’ What do others say about your business? Is it something worth ‘remarking’ about? Arthur was talked about in over 20 articles, reports, and TV shows in 2012. He is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records multiple times and was even mentioned by the New York Times for poking fun at McDonald’s. Arthur will teach you tips for getting media exposure and how to connect with your guests in creative and unique ways.

Arthur didn’t come from a business background, but if you’ve ever been to any of his restaurants, you will agree that his teams are extraordinary. He teaching organizations how to “Find and Train Freakin’ Awesome Teams”, and he does it in his own lighthearted, irreverent, and down-to-earth way. From how he trains team members to how to get them to say “my pleasure!” and mean it, you will learn how his daytime team retention rate is 6+ years (far eclipsing the industry average).

Customer service is the cornerstone of his approach to business. What you experience at his restaurants is what has taken him all over the country speaking to organizations about how to provide “remarkable” service to their guests. Anyone can deliver a plate of food, but it’s an altogether different thing to change someone’s day, week, or even their life. Arthur’s insight will give you keys to be remarkable in your business and more importantly to really make a difference.”

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