Andrew Speno

  • Former FOX 25 Primetime Anchor in Oklahoma City
  • Consultant with the Zig Ziglar Center for Ethical Leadership

Andrew Speno is a Primetime TV News Anchor with the Fox News affiliate in Oklahoma City. He has 15 years experience working in newsrooms and more than a dozen awards from the Associated Press, Society for Professional Journalists and the Association of Broadcasters. His work has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning America, and Fox News Channel. Andrew is also a consultant with the national Zig Ziglar Center for Ethical Leadership. Andrew offers workshops that are great for large and small corporations, college orientations, government agencies, and law enforcement. 

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  • SUPERSIZE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN: How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors when it comes to Social Media marketing? By showcasing your business with Earned Media marketing! Get the inside information from a veteran journalist on how to get positive news coverage about your business and establish yourself as an expert in your field. This presentation is a how-to guide on working with reporters, getting the media interested in you and establishing yourself as the go-to authority. Earned media gives you an aura of importance and credibility you can not buy. This presentation will show you how to parlay your appearances on the news into a unique and powerful social media campaign.
  • HOW TO LOVE YOUR JOB (When sometimes your really don't) - You manage a great company. You treat your employees well, offer great pay, good benefits, and you truly care about the people who work for you. So why do they seem so unhappy? Perhaps even ungrateful? In this fun & interactive presentation, I'll give your team a new skill set that teaches them how to appreciate all you do for them. This is more than just a pep talk. It's a unique workshop that teaches your employees how to be thankful for their jobs, see their boss in a new & positive light, and invigorate them to perform better than ever before.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA LEADERSHIP - Social Media is like fire. Used wisely and with caution, it is a tremendously valuable tool that will improve your life. Invite Andrew to show you and your team the practical and simple ways to avoid the pitfalls and make the most of the world's most exciting and dynamic media.
  • RESPONSIBLE SOCIAL NETWORKING - Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and several other social networking sites are great for building business relationships and staying connected to friends and family. The problems occur when these two meet in ways you never intended. In this presentation, we teach you how to protect yourself, explain what your legal rights are, and what your employer's legal rights are. It's a new age. Learn to use it effectively.
  • LEADERSHIP VS. FEEDERSHIP - The difference between a Leader and a Feeder is this: A Leader is served by others. A Feeder serves others. I use powerful examples of successful people who use this principle and I explain how everyone can apply it in their own lives. It's true... The greatest way to achieve your goals is to help others achieve theirs.
  • MISUNDERSTANDING IN THE AGE OF COMMUNICATION - In the Age of cell phones, texting, and instant messaging, why are we misunderstanding each other more than ever? In this unique, interactive presentation, you will learn practical ways to become a better communicator, how to write better emails, how to make sure people understand what you want, and how to let people know you understand them.
  • GAINING EXPOSURE IN THE MEDIA FOR YOUR BUSINESS - Businesses have tighter advertising budgets to get exposure and gain new customers. In this program, you will learn how newsrooms work, what they look for in a story, and how to "pitch" your organization, business, or service to a media outlet to get free PR and exposure that you could never get anywhere else. This program is a must for organizations that are looking for more exposure.
  • HOW NEWSROOM OPERATE - The media demand open and honest disclosure from you and your organization. This is your chance to get open and honest disclosure from the media. I interviewed reporters and producers in cities all over the country, and compiled my own experiences from 15 years in TV, to put together this one-of-a-kind presentation. Take an inside look at a newsroom and learn how build a positive, mutually-beneficial relationship with the reporters who cover your organization.
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Andrew Speno has been the main news anchor for Oklahoma City's Primetime News at Nine since March 2001. Andrew is the only main anchor in Oklahoma City who reports almost everyday, focusing on political and investigative reporting. It keeps in touch with the community he serves, he says. His work has won 12 awards from the Associated Press, Society for Professional Journalists, and The Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters.

He was also named on Oklahoma City's "40 Under 40" list as one of the most influential people younger than 40. Andrew was a political science major at Illinois College, went to Law School at Northern Illinois University and did his graduate work in Broadcast Journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Andrew lives in Edmond with his wife, three kids, and three dogs. He has been an active volunteer for the The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and United Way for five years. He also coaches his daughter's soccer team and attends Crossings Christian Church.

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