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Sharí Alexander has been featured as a communication expertin numerous major media outlets. She is a regular contributor for Entrepreneur covering all areas of influential communication. She is one of LinkedIn’s official expert authors in communication. Sharí is also a guest lecturer at USC on sales communication skills.

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  • The Influential Process and 3 Influential Desires
  • Bringing the Dark Arts of Influence into the Light: What if you had the same influential skills as a CIA agent who is attaining an asset? What if you knew how to create instant rapport and had the charisma of a successful con-artist? What if you could motivate people with the same persuasive power as the most successful trial attorneys? After intense study, research, and interviews with such individuals (and more), Shari Alexander has learned the secrets of becoming a masterful communicator. She has distilled the influential processes used by the world's best influencers into easy-to implement techniques for business professionals. This is a highly unique program. Your audience will walk away with a deeper understanding of themselves and the people around them. Shari Alexander reveals a radical paradigm shift that will forever change the way you see everyday conversations and high-pressure meetings. She unveils the hidden levels of every conversation, teaches you to hone your skills of observation and practically read the minds of the people around you. Everyone has these resources available to them, they just don't know how to use them, yet. It isn't a magic trick. It's not voodoo. Shari's program has been developed after a decade's worth of research and training. Learn what master communicators know in this eye-opening and engaging program. NOTE that Shari customizes her programs to fit the needs of the client. She tailors the lessons based on your specific desired outcomes.
  • Body language, See What They Aren't Saying: Body language is the language that everyone speaks, but few understand. One of the best ways to increase your influence is by harnessing the power of body language, being conscious of your own as well as interpreting the signals from others. Body language plays a critical role in sales, leadership, public speaking, and networking. There is a hidden conversation happening at all times. By the end of this program, you will see what others miss, giving you leverage in every conversation. Shari Alexander will teach your group the best body language secrets that the most influential people use to their advantage. Using real world examples, illustrative stories, and audience participation, Shari reveals how you can build stronger connections with the people around you, control a stressful situation, and become more influential with just your presence.
  • Secrets of the Stage, Enhanced Presentation Skills: Giving presentations is an important part of being an influential professional. Presenting a new project to a small team, persuading a roomful of intimidating executives, or motivating your workforce, all require the same skills and knowledge of what make a speech successful. It doesn't matter if the presentation is 5 minutes or 90 minutes, the goals are the same: be engaging and be persuasive. Shari will show you how to do exactly that. You won't have to reinvent the wheel every time you develop a new speech. Shari will give you a simple and successful structure for creating impressive presentations. She will also share the secret techniques that performers of all kinds use to overcome their stage fright jitters. Your group will be have a more dynamic delivery, communicate clearly, and persuade with power. (Isn't alliteration fun!) If you like, Shari will also hold "hot seat" sessions during the program. This gives the audience the chance to see professional speech coaching in action! Shari' critiques and insights are always compassionate and constructive (Translation: no one has ever cried after being on the hot seat.) Everyone loves the interaction and there are always quite a few a-ha moments.
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For the past decade, Sharí Alexander has helped professionals become more influential in every aspect of their lives. Her Los Angeles-based company provides training around the world to help attendees increase their persuasive prowess.

Sharí is known for bringing the “dark arts” of influence into the light. Wanting to crack the code on influential communication, Sharí set out to learn the secrets of masterful communicators. She has personally interviewed CIA field agents, hostage negotiators, trial attorneys, con-artists, undercover law enforcement, military intelligence officers, pick-up artists, and many others. She teaches the influential process that all of them shared, and translates it into enhanced communication techniques for business professionals and leaders.

She is an award winning speaker, corporate trainer and author, with the nextbook Undercover Influence coming soon. She is certified in neurolinguistic programing, body language, and micro expressions. Her clients have included Fortune 100 companies, CEOs, politicians, an NFL player, an Emmy Award®Winning executive, news commentators (CNN, ESPN), reality TV stars, and New York Times Bestselling authors.

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