Jay Wilkinson

  • Executive, Author, and Keynote Speaker
  • Son of Legendary University of Oklahoma Coach Bud Wilkinson

CEOs, executive teams and top performers all have benefitted from the wisdom, insight and enthusiasm of a morning, afternoon or full day spent with Jay Wilkinson. Jay weaves anecdotes from his football career as well as the unparalleled coaching tenure of his father, Bud Wilkinson, together with personal experiences and insights from his own three decade career as a top business executive. As with any good coach, Jay helps his players understand their personal strengths and challenges and how to the good of the team supersedes the good of the individual. You’ll come away with a great appreciation for the difference between being a transactional leader, focused on outcome alone, and being a transformational leader who succeeds and inspires at the same time.

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  • A Father's Words
  • Importance of Goal Setting
  • Play Like a Champion
  • Winning the Wilkinson Way - Winning the Wilkinson Way is inspired by a series of 47 letters Bud wrote to Jay during the son's undergraduate and graduate years of college study. In his presentation, Jay offers a clear pathway to enhancing performance and creating a more enriching life from those who are CEOs of their own company to individuals serving as the CEO of their own lives. The centerpiece of Winning the Wilkinson Way is the equation "4 + 7 = SUCCESS". Jay describes the Four Core Principles of Leadership as the fundamentals which must be mastered to achieve uncommon success. From there, Jay's Seven Steps to Gaining Greatness serve as the pathway to achieving transformational change both in the lives of individuals as well as the dynamics of groups, organizations and even entire companies.
  • The Whole Leader - Mixing his experiences in athletics, business and life, Jay's The Whole Leader presentation speaks directly to those in leadership positions within their companies. Jay helps his audiences understand the dynamic differences in philosophy, style and outcome between transactional and transformational leaders. He cites examples not only from his own experience, but also from his father's noteworthy coaching and business careers and from the successes and failures of notable transformational leaders of yesterday and today. Most importantly, Jay instructs today's business leaders in the value of leading from a position of personal wholeness. He stresses the need for leaders to understand their own roles as part of a team and the value of positioning others within the organization to achieve uncommon success.
  • Letters fron Bud - Letters from Bud captures the essence of a father's uncommon perspective on life. Via excerpts from nearly four dozen letters written from father to son, letters which expressed wisdom, counsel and love, Jay helps audiences understand the importance of relationships, both personal and professional, and how those relationships serve as the bedrock to a more fulfilling life.This touching presentation is appropriate for audiences of all kinds and pulls at the heartstrings as son pays open tribute to his father. In addition, Jay illustrates how the principles and life values derived from his father's letters are as important today as they were when written nearly a half century ago.
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In 1989, Jay Wilkinson received the prestigious NCAA Silver Anniversary award given each year to recognize six distinguished former student-athletes on the occasion of their 25th anniversary as college graduates. In order to be eligible, the nominee must be a college graduate, varsity letter-winner during his or her college days and has achieved personal distinction since graduation.

Other recent honorees include Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts; federal judge Cormac Carney; and Steve Young, member of both the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame.

Those individuals are in good company with Jay Wilkinson, who for more than 30 years achieved business success in the investment world. He served as a global partner of a multi-billion-dollar investment management firm, held the position of executive vice president for one of the nation’s leading life insurance companies and was president of the industry leader in sponsoring public-sector deferred compensation plans.

During his business career, Jay received numerous honors and awards including the Distinguished Service Award from the United States Conference of Mayors.

As a younger man, Jay devoted his time and considerable talents to politics, serving an executive assistant to the governor of Oklahoma, and as a top aid during Richard Nixon’s first term in the White House. At the age of just 28, Jay himself made a run for Congress, narrowly losing to a long-time incumbent in Oklahoma’s Fourth Congressional District.

As the NCAA Silver Anniversary Award indicates, Jay also excelled athletically.

Jay was a first-team All-American football player at Duke University in 1963, finishing eighth for the Heisman Trophy award. He excelled throughout his college football career and today is a member of the Duke University Sports Hall of Fame. Jay also was a high school All-American, leading both his football and basketball teams to state championship games.

Jay Wilkinson and his wife, Rita, have four children and six grandchildren. They make their home in the Nichols Hills section of Oklahoma City.

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