Chris Capstone

  • With over 27 years of experience, Chris Capstone captivates audiences of all types.

The Tulsa World says it best, "Chris Capstone's show is only part magic.  The rest is comedy and charm, and he is wildly successful based on the roaring laughter he produces...To say the audience was interested in his show would be an understatement.  They were hanging on his every move."

Chris Captsone has patterned the "look and feel" of his show after the past theatrical masters of the golden age of vaudeville (the performance style popular in the early 1900's). Capstone's performances feature skillful sleight of hand, amazing illusions with antique props, costumes that bring you back to the classic vaudeville era, lots of audience participation, and a hilarious brand of comedy for which Capstone has become widely known. The Capstone magic show is an experience unlike any other. 

  • THE OLD FASHIONED VAUDEVILLE MAGIC SHOW: CAPSTONE performs his version of the great American vaudeville magic act. Your guests will feel like they have traveled back in time. Antique magician's props, and clean comedy all combine to bring amazement and laughter to your event. This show can be performed for audiences of any size.
  • CLOSE-UP SLEIGHT OF HAND: Whether strolling table to table, standing in a trade show booth or mingling in a hospitality suite, CAPSTONE will amaze with sleight of hand magic. It's magic up close and personal. With a rare antique wand and cups, CAPSTONE performs in the style of the magicians of the past.
  • MAGIC SHOWS FOR FAIRS, FESTIVALS, AND OUTDOOR EVENTS: CAPSTONE specializes in outdoor performances. His act is entirely self-contained, mobile and flexible. CAPSTONE offers different performance options to meet the needs of outdoor event planners. His strolling street act can be done anywhere. His street circle show will draw crowds where you want them. He can also perform a stand-up act on any stage. You can combine different types of performances at one event. This will maximize your entertainment dollars and put the entertainment where and when you need it. Join other successful promoters and book CAPSTONE to appear at your next outdoor event.
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Chris CAPSTONE has brought mystery and laughter to audiences for over 27 years.  CAPSTONE’S fascination with magic began at the age of eight when he discovered an old trunk of magician’s props in his uncle’s attic.

CAPSTONE was very fortunate to have been mentored by many magicians along the way.  Of particular influence were the years he lived in England where he was privileged to attend meetings of London’s famous Magic Circle magicians’ club.

Because of his love for the history of magic, CAPSTONE has patterned his shows after the past masters of the golden age of vaudeville.  Considered to be a “new vaudevillian,” he performs old fashioned, classic shows that provide a unique experience for today’s audiences. 

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Chris Capstone, Tulsa, Oklahoma Magician and Illusionist, Oklahoma Magic Show, Oklahoma Entertainer


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